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Universities Could Soon Be Gambling On Lower Drinking Age

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College universities at some of the most prestigious schools in the United States have devised a plan to help slow alcoholism at a young age. That plan? To lower the legal drinking age from twenty one to eighteen.

The universities are gambling on the fact that if students were able to obtain liquor anywhere at the age of eighteen, they would not have to drink illegally in their dorm rooms. They also feel that students would drink less is it was more socially acceptable.

A petition has been going around to all of the colleges in the country and some big names have already signed the petition to lower the drinking age. Duke, Dartmouth, and Ohio State are just a few of the many who have signed the petition.

Others, like the University of Miami, have not signed the petition and see the lowering of the drinking age as a bad thing for colleges. Several colleges have held off signing the petition until there is more research done into the topic.

Mother Against Drunk Driving has already come out and taken a stand against the initiative. They feel that if the drinking age was lowered, then there would be more fatal car accidents because of drunk driving.

Proponents of the initiative disagree. “With the right education in addition to students not having to drink behind the law’s back, the number of alcohol related deaths should actually drop,” said Steve Shwindler, a professor who is for the lowered drinking age.

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Now, some eighteen months later, Barden is out as owner of the property and billionaire Neil Bluhm is in. he was approved last week and has finally secured the $550 million in loans to finish the project that Barden started.

Barden ran out of money for the project back in June. He tried several different options to try and secure loans for the completion of the casino, but came up short each time. Finally he decided to transfer his majority ownership to Bluhm.

Once the Gaming Board accepted the transfer of the casino license, all that was left to do was secure the financing before the project could once again be revived.

“With the closing of the financing, we are excited to restart construction immediately and build and operate a world-class facility of which Pittsburghers can be proud,” said CEO of Holdings Acquisition, Greg Carlin. The preliminary plans are for the casino to be

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